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Default looking for a ''rare'' bowl


i go smoke to a local hookah cafe when i have time and i always forget to take a picture of the bowl. i once asked the owner if he wants to sell me a piece and was ready to pay big money for it... anyway he didn't want to.

the bowl is really sick, longs like 2-3 hours depending on shisha.. you don't putt a lot of shisha in it

its not deep, like an inch if not less but its kinda large (3-3.5inch)
the tunnel, is large, larger than other bowls..and its in clay

i always forget to take a picture of it...

anyway i looked up on more than 20 hookah website, did google images research and didn't find a single picture of it.

was wondering if anyone have ever seen something like i just described

im pretty sure HJ have seen one because the owner said it's from Lebanon and my friends said they have seen it in Lebanon too

hoping you guys help me find it

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I used a garden hose once. I dont recommend it.

But I did have the hookah in the garage and was able to smoke while walking to get the mail
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