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Default Re: looking for a ''rare'' bowl

Originally Posted by MirelZ View Post
the longest i stayed in that hookah cafe was 3 hours, and i still was able to smoke and have good amount of smoke and flavor before i leave, i can't confirm the 4 hours but its close to, im serious, thats why i want this bowl so much, oh and they used three kings QL's, so maybe it can the 4hours with natural coals?
My major interest here and now is what tobacco you were using. There are only a handful that I have been able to smoke for that long. Most lose flavor around the one hour mark but can still produce smoke for a while after. The bowl does not mean that much.

If it looks like the one you linked to first then it is very similar to the style that Tangiers bowls have. Is it unglazed? As in it looks like bare clay? Have you seen the inside of the bowl?
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