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Default Re: looking for a ''rare'' bowl

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
My major interest here and now is what tobacco you were using. There are only a handful that I have been able to smoke for that long. Most lose flavor around the one hour mark but can still produce smoke for a while after. The bowl does not mean that much.

If it looks like the one you linked to first then it is very similar to the style that Tangiers bowls have. Is it unglazed? As in it looks like bare clay? Have you seen the inside of the bowl?
depending on which flavor we wanted,, the 3 hours i talked about was AlFakher Grape, my friend took Nakhla Double Apple, they didnt smoked the 3 hour though...

as for the picture link i showed, its just to help you understand my description, its not 100% like that

it feels like clay when you touch it, is that unglazed?
im pretty sure its 100% clay and everything is thick, you can feel its heavier than normal bowl

i didnt looked inside the bowl
Originally Posted by Jride View Post
I used a garden hose once. I dont recommend it.

But I did have the hookah in the garage and was able to smoke while walking to get the mail
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