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Default Re: looking for a ''rare'' bowl

Originally Posted by MirelZ View Post
depending on which flavor we wanted,, the 3 hours i talked about was AlFakher Grape, my friend took Nakhla Double Apple, they didnt smoked the 3 hour though...

as for the picture link i showed, its just to help you understand my description, its not 100% like that

it feels like clay when you touch it, is that unglazed?
im pretty sure its 100% clay and everything is thick, you can feel its heavier than normal bowl

i didnt looked inside the bowl
Then how do you know how deep it actually is and that it is not a funnel style bowl?

Glazing means finished with a shiny coat that is usually colored. Almost a bowls that are not glass or metal are clay.

I'm just trying to understand. Your best bet is to get a picture and try to get a chance to actually handle the bowl and see what kind of bowl it really is.
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