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Default Re: Sahara Smoke Ruined my Christmas!!!

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My Girl Friend wanted to get me something for Christmas this year other then another hookah, so i told her that Sahara Smoke makes some great glass. I told her i really like the Sub zero one in blue. I like the design. So Christmas came and i was excited, i opened the box to find the base looking like crap. Looked nothing like the picture, looks like a little kid painted the design. The base was like a blue candy cane strip with no detailing. I was ticked and my GF felt bad. So i told her to send it back. Im not going to put a base that looks like it came from the discount section on my hookah when you paid full price. I made her call up Sahara smoke to talk to someone about it. And they say that they are all hand painted. "so if they are all hand painted why don't they put on the site a disclaimer that it may look like shit? " Now she has to send it back PAY FOR SHIPPING IT, then i have to trust them to pick a new one or a different one that was a second choice, and ship it to my college house. So i say i don't support Sahara Smoke CO. and will be taking all my videos of their product off of youtube. Any company who treats their customers like shit deserve to get their name called out on their actions.

Oh that felt good to get that off my chest. Sorry for no pics guys i couldn't stand looking at it so my GF took it with her.
When you add that particular base to your cart it says *These vase designs may vary.* Now with that being said if you were willing to take the chance that perhaps your base may not look like the one in the picture then I think you should be mature enough to deal with it if the base that you receive is different. So basically you are complaining about something that the company warned you about. This forum is no place to discuss mistakes on your part. The disclaimer is there when you add it to your cart, I cannot stress this enough. Sorry about your luck, please research your purchases more in depth in the future to prevent this from happening.