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Originally Posted by ghostofdavid
I smoked out of an Indian hookah for the first time (Al Fakher Lemon + Mint). It had no glass bottom. Instead, it was all screw on metallic parts. It worked very well and hit better than a lot of Egyptians. The threading was not made out of soft material, if it were, it would definitely ruin the seal on the vase and steam.

I've never smoked Indian tobacco, though.
I've got a Turkish rig made with a screw on bottom. You can tell how to fill thanks to a gold line on the inside. While the screw works fine you got to very careful not to cross-thread it. Another downside is that it is a real pain to clean but it smokes like a dream.

I understand that stainless steel rigs are pretty uncommon everywhere but the Western world but frankly, I prefer glass as it's easier to clean and the rubber seal method wroks very well when made by a competent builder.

I have no idea what is popular to smoke in India but hopefully someone knows. Afzel makes something called Pan flavoured shisha which I think is a traditional Indian thing but I have no idea what it's like. I guess i'll try it. Anyone know a good source for Indian narhgiles? (I don't know what they call them)
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