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Default Re: Sahara Smoke Ruined my Christmas!!!

Originally Posted by skywirest View Post
When you add that particular base to your cart it says *These vase designs may vary.* Now with that being said if you were willing to take the chance that perhaps your base may not look like the one in the picture then I think you should be mature enough to deal with it if the base that you receive is different. So basically you are complaining about something that the company warned you about. This forum is no place to discuss mistakes on your part. The disclaimer is there when you add it to your cart, I cannot stress this enough. Sorry about your luck, please research your purchases more in depth in the future to prevent this from happening.
Actually, this forum is exactly the place to discuss this topic, his mistake or otherwise. But you do make a good point. Before lashing out at the vendor, one should consider the terms of purchase. It should be noted though, that he didn't purchase the item. His GF did.