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Default Looking to buy a hookah.

due to the great help of everyone on this forum, i decided on the KM kafae....
i am very excited not only to get a nice hookah, but to support a small great hookah vendor
can't wait for this hookah to get here.... ima pick up some starbuzz before it gets here

so, my friend took his hookah home with him when he left today(87t0y), so now after smoking a bowl a day for the past couple weeks, i'm left hookah-less. (but i'm going to the hookah spot tonight)
i want my own hookah.

i don't know all that much about hookahs other than the small bit of research i have done here.
the one i wanted was the KM heart of the lion, but its out of stock (the one from
because i watched sambookas review on it, and i liked the look, plus the base from is really sweet looking in my opinion. plus its also cheapest there (from what i have seen)

so, im in the market to buy a decent hookah at a pretty low price.... (i'd like to keep it under or right near the price of the Heart of lion at thehookah) i don't mind where i buy it from, i have no preference, i just want a decent hookah that will be durable, look alright, and most importantly, smoke like a champ.
it needs to come with everything (bowl, stem, hose, base, you get it)
but the bowl and the hose can be of lesser quality if the stem and base are great because i plan on buying a vortex or phunnel in 2 weeks, as well as a heba diffuser and a new hose if the one i get isnt any good.

so let me know your suggestions

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