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Default Re: the police took my km

First off, Did your dad just speak to the officer that too your pipe? and his sargent?

TALK TO THE CHIEF!!! He is the one that can ultimately say if you get your rig back or not!!!!! If his secretary says he is unavailable he should have bankers hours and come in and demand to speak with him. Be sincere and nice to him because he is your best bet. Tell the chief you are going to go to the paper, and getting a lawyer. It's not drug paraphenelia and you want it back. and since you were CLEARLY smoking out of it when you had it taken away, it was used, it was negative when tested, therefore only used for tobacco and you want it back!

If he doesnt' get your rig back, go to the paper. Write an opinion piece. Tell them that the police officer took your pipe and is refusing to give it back even though it was tested negative for drugs and it was never intended for drugs. It's a middle easter water pipe that is strictly for tobacco use only.

Good luck.

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