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Default Re: Looking for a weird case/hookah and a pointer

Originally Posted by Frosted View Post
First of all, howdy. First post since registering. On to business.

Over a year ago I was at a party with a guy who had a hookah that came in a lovely case. The case was the best compartmentalized hookah carrying case I've seen and (and this is the important part) it had a space at the bottom that was the perfect size to hold a 750ML bottle of liquor. It was excellent. Thing is, try as I might I can't find a case that is anywhere close to as good as his, and I can't find this guy.

Also, I have a Jewish friend and I was wondering if there was a history of Israel made hookah, and if I could get a point in right direction for a quality birthday gift.

TL DR: Looking for a carrying case that will also hold a fifth and be secure enough to tote around a hookah regularly, and place to buy a Jewish hookah.
to me that sounds like a customized case.. or he got a case for a larger hookah than the one he had and just filled in the space ... oh yeah there is this one case
but i doubt that is what you are looking for
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