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Default Re: Sahara Smoke Ruined my Christmas!!!

had i gotten the vase that you did my friend i would have done the exact same thing.

i personally don't deal with sahara anymore. in my opinion their tobacco isn't worth smoking (7 spice and a few exceptions may exist ) and their hookahs are a total waste of money. they really don't have anything to offer that i want that i can't get somewhere else. their glass is great...when you get a good one. i have a few sahara vases lying around myself, i was lucky enough to get good ones.

i don't think this problem happens very often but you were unfortunate enough to have received one. and for that i am sorry man.

the above comment is only my personal feelings and decision made based on my experience with sahara products. they're great people with just sub par products. imo. i encourage you to all form your own.