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Default Anyone else in Hawaii having bad experiences with SB?

my first can of SB blue mist that i smoked from the beginning of this month tasted wonderful. unfortunately, every other bowl out of that can after the first had almost completely lost its flavor. i had it sealed in an air tight preserve jar so i originally thought it was a problem with my coals. i ordered some natural light coals from john and that still didn't fix the problem (as awesome as those coals are). i just figured it must have been a bad tin or something so i ordered three 250g jars of sb from john and they arrived yesterday. the new can of wildberry tasted pretty nice in my first bowl and i made sure it was in an airtight ziplock and stored back in its tin. pretty disappointed today when i started another bowl and the flavor was considerably different from yesterday. very light berry taste and its getting that chewed-out gum kind of flavor again. i'm smoking out of a temsah world cup with a narbish with two CH natural light coals. either i'm failing at smoking starbuzz which is just sad, or something about the air in hawaii is intent on screwing me over. I've got another 250g can of blue mist that i'm afraid to open now because i don't want it to get ruined. anybody else have this problem?
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