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Default Re: Favorite Shisha Brand

Originally Posted by Nakura18 View Post
We have dropped Tangiers from our list of choices. Currently our brands are:

Al Fakha
Hydro Herbal

All together we have roughly 63 flavors, +/- some for start up so we can bulk up on more popular flavors. But ultimately our shisha list consists of 63 flavors which of course we will add on to as time/money permits.
You're starting a hookah bar, correct? If so, I would suggest you go with Starbuzz and Hydro as your staple, at least at first. Starbuzz, because it is washed and still a very premium shisha. Hydro because health nuts seem to think it's ok for you. Al Fakher (LOVE) and I would assume Tangiers and Nakhla as well, I think are more suited to people who have been smoking longer, and appreciate it more. Good luck! :]
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