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Default Re: Sahara Smoke Ruined my Christmas!!!

Originally Posted by 1lowtoy View Post
dont buy a KM buddie your not going to like the gold leaf on there Bases its all over the place. I brake bases like there going out of style for some reason! and had allot of them i do see your point a little bit. But i deffinatly wouldnt say it ruined your christmass a hand painted base thats diffrent from a pic not bad at all. A loved one dieing or totaling your car and ending up in the hospital ruins a christmass not this. I think it would be cool as hell, if my wife of 5 year got me any thing hookah related at all. Witch ive tried for 3 and still hasn't happened. May just want to let this one go and keep it i think it still looks nice. hell put it up for sale in the FS/FT i may buy it if it ends up there for a spare god knows ill need it eventually.
Own a KM but i didn't buy it for the base, yeah it looks nice but its not a detailed base. Simple and easy, and im not paying 35 for it paying about 15. You get what you pay for and what i got wasn't what i payed for.