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Default Re: Room Raiders!... UGH

Originally Posted by Hookah_Native View Post
Im going to call the Hall Director tomorrow morning first thing and demand they it is returned.

This. Do this.

It's a problem we have to face as hookah smokers.

Here are some points to keep in mind.

Point out that you do not smoke it in the room.
A hookah is not defined as paraphernalia.
Possession of tobacco is not against the rules.
While searches are agreed upon, seizure of personal effects without probable cause is not.

If it comes down to the wire and they still refuse to give you the tobacco demand that they search all the rooms and confiscate all tobacco products including cigarettes. If they refuse then they are favoring the rights of some over others.

If they refuse to return your hookah demand that they test it for illegal use and raise a stink over the fact that it is an entirely legal practice and they were making false assumptions with no actual proof or evidence.
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