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Default Re: Tasteless Shisha

i seem to get more flavor from a smaller gauge hose. you might wanna try that. if you dont have one a sanitary mouth tip could also help. the slightly restricted draw seems to concentrate the smoke/flavor.
also, try using room temp water.
That is really good to know. I will try that tomorrow.

use more heat. i use 4 coconut coals on a small phunnel usually.
When I added more heat to the first type of bowl, it would just burn. The new bowl can easily take 2 coals and it really helps.

and you should have no shisha stuck to the foil also how much is there between the foil and your tobacco. cause you should be using 2 coals unless your bowl is absoultly tiney or your using a wind cover.
There is no burning (i.e. shisha stuck to the foil).

My first bowl was so shallow it had little room between the shisha and the foil (maybe 1 cm). The newer, deeper bowl I tried allowed me to leave much more space (1/2 inch) which accommodates the two coals.

All that to say, I think the deeper, traditional Egyptian style bowl solved my problem.

I'll try a different flavor tomorrow and see how that turns out.
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