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Default Re: KM Wholesale????

thanks kishen for the second part of that post, afterall money isn't everything, now to the first part, i would guess and this is only an assumption that the stores that say they only make a few bucks on the console get "rebate" money. 12 years ago i worked in the computere parts distirbution industry, we would make 6-8% margin, this was wholesale, and i'm sure they make less now, huge volume, but we would always get incentives. they would give salespeople "spiffs" on certain days, make an etra $5 to your pocket n this or that model today only. also, the company on a regular basis would make rebate money on volume, it's like when you buy a car and they show you an invoice and tell you they are making $500 over invoice, which sounds great to the consumer, in fact they make a ton more, the invoice say x dollars but the delaership makes bonuses on the amount of card they sell and it could be 10 times the $500 you thought they made, it's all fair, it's business, but in hookah we don't have these "rebates"
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