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Default Re: KM Wholesale????

Originally Posted by Kishen View Post
In regards to PS3's, no retail store makes money on the sales of PS3's or PS3 games. I used to work at Future Shop (Best Buy-Esque) and as an employee I had access to the cost price that we purchased things from, from the manufacturers directly, and we make something like 1.50-3$ for every unit sold which is not much. The reason retail stores carry consoles is because they then can carry third party accessories which have a significantly lower cost price. If people know we sell PS3's, and they dont want to fork over 70$ for a Dualshock controller, they will come and buy the third party controller for 40$ where we can make 15-20$ profit. The same concept applies to desktop/laptop computers. The market for computing is so heavily saturated that we often used to sell computers below cost price if customers were willing to buy enough accessories to help clear out inventory.
WOW thats ridiculous in canada then, as i can get Ps3 at a wholesale rate for about 30% cheaper then retail stores sell at, but i havent got the capacity to buy the 5000 units required
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