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Default Golden Coals and CO

I had an interesting experience yesterday with Golden QL coals.

I was heating 2 coals up on my gas stove when I noticed the flame from the burner was bright orange. I turned on the other burners and found the same thing. I thought it was strange, but didn't think anything of it.

Later that night, I went to light another set of coals. The burner was blue, no problems, and I lit the coal (set it on the grate) and still no problems. Then I picked up the coal with the tongs (after it was done sparking) and held it in the flame. The flame instantly turned orange. I turned on the other burners and found the same thing. Huge orange flames.

I did a little research and found out that the orange flame is caused when there is too much gas and not enough air coming to the burner, and can often be indicative of a CO problem (CO displacing air).

I had the oven fan on, opened a window, and turned on another fan to completely air out the room. The burners were all still orange. In fact, they stayed orange for about half an hour before they finally cleared. I suspect that the CO traveled into the gas lines in my stove, causing the uniform orange.

Now I know all coals give off some amount of CO, but it seems like these Golden coals, even after they are done sparking, give off enough CO to effect all of the burners on my stove.

So my question is, has anyone found that Golden coals give off more CO than other brands, or have any reason to think they might?
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