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Default Re: Golden Coals and CO

This should tell you that the coals are fairly unrelated. If you have lit coals for a long time without this effect then it was likely another change that caused it.
Actually, I just started lighting coals on this gas stove last night. What I meant is that I have used the stove for 3 months without lighting coals on it with no issue.

You said that it does not happen all the time which could mean it happens in those two appliances without you noticing.
If the burners were orange, wouldn't the hot water heater and the furnace be orange at the same time if it was a gas line issue like dust in the line?

If you have all burners on and start a coal will they all change? If so then it's not inside the lines. You are dealing with a blanket of low density gas sitting on top of the stove and changing the way it burns.
All the burners change when I hold the coal in the flame of one of the burners, but I've only checked after putting the coal in, not with all 4 on at the same time. I'll try with all 4 on tonight, and maybe make a video so you can see what I mean.

My point was really that it's not CO traveling into the lines against the flow of gas.
Yeah, that makes sense.
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