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Default Re: Sahara Smoke Ruined my Christmas!!!

sorry, OP. i hear you on this one. i think what's important is how you feel as the customer. i think many are caught up giving [unsolicited] personal opinions that they've lost sight of the simple fact that you were simply not happy with the transaction.

a vendor can easily send you a return label; they can afford it. this one chose not to in spite of your dissatisfaction, which i hope you communicated. if you want them to make it right, it's probably a good idea to tell them exactly how. a good vendor will be willing to work with you.. pictures of the next base, offer free [useful] items, credit on your next order, etc.

i notice this forum gives vendors a lot of slack and [imho] much undue praise, for example, shipping/packaging/packaging materials (services we paid for), bonus items (usually junk, although samplers are nice), coupon codes for inflated prices to begin with, personality(?), etc.. funny. it's unfortunate that the majority has been accustomed to forgive and accept such things (do we have a choice : ) although once in a while, i'd say the praise is quite well-deserved.