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Default Re: how to tell bad tobacco

Originally Posted by 1lowtoy View Post
i thought this tread was going to go a diffrent direction, like it says tangiers on the package of somthing! LOL couldnt tell you though the only tobacco ive had go bad so car is starbuzz and it just started to tast awfel.
well if it says AF on it then its gone bad

but in all seriousness, tobacco takes a while to go bad. it seems to me that nakhla seems more stable. tangiers is hit or miss for me just like with the acclimation (some times it doesnt need any some times it wont work) and it just either stays good or kinda needs a bit more attention. i havent had a lot of different SB but bluemist gets this nasty over tone to it really fast.

realistically tobacco should last 6 months to 2 years at least, it can last a lot longer though. basically if it smells bad, you see anything growing, it just isnt enjoyable, or anything else questionable then get rid of it.

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