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Default Re: Hookah Lounge Pet

I vote for the fish pond. A costly endeavor but a really bad ass setup if you can pull it off.

An old pet store around where I live use to have a pond like this with glass on the side, an open top and what looked like natural rock surrounding it. It was home to some very large catfish and other interesting species. The whole shop was set up like a natural habitat with lots of fake trees, vines and plants as well as some real ones and a mascot iguana that wandered around on the fake branches and rocks. The habitats were set into the "rocks".

This place was amazing and I loved to go there as a kid.

If even just the pond was possible it would be impressive. Make it look like a volcanic rock that burst through the center of the lounge and now sits as a volcanic crater that has filled with water and now bears life. A little artful design to make it appear as if the floor had ruptured. Either some seating surrounding the pond in bar style to stop people from reaching into it and messing with it or eve use it as a center for a circular bar.
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