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Default Re: Sahara Smoke Ruined my Christmas!!!

to lazy to read every post.

the glass doesnt look painted to me (granted im not holding it in my hands though but the color looks like it was worked hot) but it looks like they used a white base then strung some blue color up it and then heated the whole thing and drug the tweezers up it to five you the wavy look. i will give you a run down of how this is made. heat blow pipe, gather clear glass and start bubble, cool a bit then gather white glass, cool then maybe gather more clear then string blue glass on to piece. heat the crap out of it and drag tweezers up piece to give color that look. then they blow it into a rough shape, heat, go into a turn mould (they spin and blow to give you no mould lines). then they transfer the piece to work the neck, probably add more glass to build up the neck thickness and shape it up. knock it off, cool for 24 hours, grind the bottom OR if they didnt transfer the piece they cut and grind the neck to be flat. glass working is not an easy thing, believe me.

i agree it doesnt look as good as the picture but i will also say there is no way you are going to get cheap production glass and like it. 20-30 bucks for a piece of glass will not give you good quality, period, end of story. that piece of glass you got looks a hell of a lot better than the egyptian "quality" glass i got with my km, a hell of a lot better, how ever i will admit it is hard for me to see common imperfections by a photograph.

if you want a nice piece of glass i might be able to help you out but you probably will not like the cost.

edit- i will say in response to the vendors eating the costs of returns, glass is not cheap to ship, most vendors dont even ship glass correctly (bubble wrap, 2 inches of packing foam all around, box, 2 inches of foam 2nd box). even with their half assed shipping methods its not cheap. go price packing materials at places like uline, its a huge huge huge cost to shippers (for me to ship glass pieces it honestly costs me more for packing materials than it does the glass i used to make the piece)


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