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Default Re: Sahara Smoke Ruined my Christmas!!!

Originally Posted by usmc70_14 View Post
im sorry but i am going to have to agree and respect the post of the op. he is upset on how his item looks different then what was paid for.

the part that pisses me off is how most of you people bow down and kiss the arses of these vendors. you have to remember these vendors are only making a living based on how there product that they are selling is presented and how the pricing meets our expectations. if the same product is available at another store at a cheaper price then im going to shop at the other store. similar to how ebay does things with there review.

in this case if the op is upset at sahara smoke for whatever reason then thats his opinion. thats one less customer that sahara smoke which at the same time another vendor will win his business in the future.

i for one am also upset with sahara smoke as i bought a hookah at a local retailer and had to do an exchange as the bb in the purge was getting stuck. well it was replaced with a new version and now the bb in the new is stuck again. i tried to get it replaced and they told me i can only have one replacement. thats a crock of shet if you ask me. not to hijack the thread but thats my 2 cents and hopefully people from sahara smoke are reading this and they better there service. as that is the overall goal of all of us on the message boards.

(im at working writing this, so this sucks)

Purge valves get stuck constantly, that's the nature of the hookah. You can get a top of the line hookah, spend upwards near 400 - $500 and the purge valve will still have a tendency of sticking. I'm actually really suprised at a lot of what people have to say on this post. Perhaps people should go back through the forums and read a lot of solutions for hookah problems, vendor issues, and just over-all hookah advice. Because it really seems that most of what is discussed on this forum falls on blind eyes. When I first joined this forum I had a million questions, and a million problems about how my hookah was performing, including the purge valve getting stuck. Now I smoke with ease, and have wonderful sessions all the time because of this community.