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Default Hospital Stay Not All Bad

Not too long before Christmas I was on way back to Bremen to go see my boss and start my Christmas holiday when some old injuries caught up with me. Basically what happened is that in the airport I started coughing up a lot of blood and collapsing which is a terrible way to end a long flight. What caused this turn of events is a series of tears in my intestinal track and stomach that while patched up 30 odd years ago after being torn up by bits of flying metal didn't stay that way. The upshot of my innards falling apart was a stay in a hospital that was mostly tedious, indescribably painful and depressing due to the season.

Still, some good came of it all in that I did get spend some time with a wonderful woman (my surgeon) whom it seems i'll be spending a bit more time with. Since I couldn't eat anything worthy of the title of food it was great that I got to smoke dokha and moassel thanks to the surgeon's willingness to bend/ignore the rules so things could have been a great deal worse. There is something delightfully naughty about smoking in a hospital bed in the wee hours the morning and I suggest that anyone that gets the chance to do so takes the opportunity.

I also got to talk to a fellow American ex-pat that I shared the room with and have a good deal in in common with in terms of our weltanschauung. He also happens to be a recent covert to narghiles although he unfortunately has a taste for boring fruity stuff but hopefully that will change. One thing I'll be doing just as soon as a get a bit more energy back is making a homemade moassel using some of the 1.5 kilo worth of Iranian dokha made with leaves from Khansar I picked up in my travels.

I also have to say it's great to be home and sensing the familiar sights and smells.

Beyond that I hope that the HPers out there had a less painful Christmas then I and a happy new year.
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