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Before you comment saying this has been asked before, read what I have to say. I was at my buddies the other day, and I brought over my Hookah (Mya QT). I look in his shisha collection and pull out Starbuzz "X on the Beach" and pack a normal amount into a Mya Ceramic Bowl, double layer foil, and normal hole pattern. In the past we usually only use 1 Coal on the Bowl, and when it dies down a bit, we add another, so 1-1/2 coals. This time, we put on 2 Starlight Naturals. They barely fit on so I chopped each one in half and put one on each end of the bowl. When we started the clouds were monstrous and the taste was decent, with not too much harshness. As we kept going the shisha got burnt and the clouds were still great (obviously). I see people all over YouTube and the forums using 3 Coconaras as a standard and they get good clouds and taste.

My question is.. Why does mine burn? Is it because of the coals? Or is my bowl too small?? Or another reason?

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