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Default Re: Sahara Smoke Ruined my Christmas!!!

Originally Posted by Mitul89 View Post
Like others said, now its pretty standard with company in which either you pay for the shipping or they dont refund you back the shipping charges. It is not upto SSC or any other company to just ignore shipping because its not in their hands. Now that I look at the picture, yea the OP is right, however, if SSC is willing to cooperate, you should as well. There is no need to get pissed off about it. These are hand-made products and you should expect such things to occur. Thats the way I see it. Honestly, I dont think it looks that bad at all, in fact I'd keep it and save the hassle of shipping and paying for it.

I wasn't disagreeing with the whole deal about him having to pay shipping. I think that they are just in doing this. It's perfectly natural. They are hand made products, yes, but compare this to the picture and it's just not very good. I understand that variation is natural in hand made products, but that is an example of not living up to the expectations the picture presents.