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Default Re: Sahara Smoke Ruined my Christmas!!!

Originally Posted by phatpride1 View Post
I rather have the My glass comes from Egypt then getting my over paid piece of shit that was made in china from SSC.
if you are unhappy with the ssc glass you would be more pissed about the egyptian glass. honestly unless you are paying in the 3 digit price range your not getting quality glass, pure and simple. its just impossible to produce high quality glass for the prices we are paying even with using just clear glass, moulds, and figuring out a way to not have to cold work the piece at all, except maybe if its machine made, but then you dont get a lot of color work done like the SSC vases have.

egyptian glass is a horrible composition, inconsistent composition, not annealed properly, uneven, seedy (air bubbles through out the glass from improper melting of the glass), cordy (uneven composition leading to lines of thicker glass that also make the piece harder to blow out evenly).

honestly that piece to have a glass blower in the states do one for you just one off free hand like that your looking in the 2-600 buck range easy depending on their costs and how good they are. even in a US production shop you would be looking over 100 bucks easy i would guestimate.

honestly china probably has better glass coming out of it than egypt. digression: a lot of glass s murano old in as "italian" glass is made in china then shipped to murano to be sold.

again the quality of the glass doesnt look bad to me, yes i agree the stock pic of the vase looks better but what you got looks well with in standard deviation of production work