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Default Re: Sahara Smoke Ruined my Christmas!!!

A few points.

With respect to the original post i'd say that I don't see what the problem is in that the vase he got looks pretty good in my opinion and fairly close to what was pictured originally. Although it's not identical it's fairly close and they did say that variations are to be expected. Also, the return policy was stated up front so it seems that it's up to the buyer to notice such things before buying. In anycase, I can't see something like a vase not being exactly what I wanted ruining Christmas.

As to Egyptian glass, the quality varies a lot. On my KMs they great quality and I am delighted. I do know that like any other mass produced item Egyptian glass can be lousy but on the whole Egyptian glass is better then PRC glass by quite a fair margin.

Personally I have found that the best glass for narghiles comes from Syria. Syrian glass seems to have better consistency in terms of thickness, less air pockets, better tempering and all around quality.