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Default Re: Hospital Stay Not All Bad

Thanks for the welcome back all! As lousy as it to know that the warranties on the various fixes on my body have run out it's still quite a delight to find out that everything is working for now which is more then I can say for most of mates and relatives.

As as for the surgeon, well it's cool that things are working in that direction but it's also totally unexpected and a little hard to wrap my mind around as things like this are simply don't happen to me.

Someone ask about about pain and it's a strange thing in that when it gets intense enough you get to the point when you sorta feel this big wave of sensations that simply of overwhelm your nerves to the point that you don' t have an awareness of anything but your nerve endings going crazy.

Anyway, I got some cool stuff to talk about which i'll bring you guys up to date on shortly.
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