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Default Re: Brands I don't know about

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
that is false advertisement, they get their tobacco from jordan in loose bulk, then add the flavoring and package it in the US. yes, SB is BS. but it's ok once in awile.
I suppose what makes it false or not has to do with the American content laws for purposes of tariffs and that is something that varies a lot by product type and the truth is that I don't know enough about tobacco regulations to know if SBs claims are true or not.

My understanding is that SB uses Virginia leaf grown & cured in Jordan which is then washed, cut ,boiled, flavoured & packed in the states. I suppose someone in California could pop into the plant and see what exactly they do there. I wouldn't however be surprised if SB is wholly made in Jordan as a way to beat tariffs and sold to Arab kids in the Middle East that like sugary, chemical laden junk since as PT Barnum once said "you can't lose money underestimating the public's taste."

Frankly the topic is of little interest to me since all the super highly processed stuff is made basically the same way and it all is insipid junk.
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