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Default Re: Sensible Smoking

Glad you guys like the post. Basically what we need to do is ween the narghile scene away from the hipster type thinking because that results in turning a great tradition into just another stupid thing to show off at parties which also makes it susceptible for use as way to smoke substances that I assume we all want nothing to do with.

I also think that the reckless use of moaasel by the "cloud makers" has pretty negative health consequences that can lead to even more bans on our hobby. Every time some idiot hoovers his rig for hours on end up passing out countless more idiots claim that moassel is dangerous and needs to be banned. Also, when people get sick and feel like crap after smoking they obviously don't want to smoke any more and tell everyone how horrible it is.

If people learn to smoke properly they don't get sick, they enjoy the tastes more and in the end they may end up learning something about the hobby.
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