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Default Ice hookah

I'm looking to get a nice Ice hookah for my next purchase. I'd prefer it be a egyptian, I already have a modern and a bohemian.

So far I looked to social smoke, hookahcompany, MN hookah, and The 32 or 34 inch MN and SS have is the best I've found so far, but I believe should be others that maybe look a little more... I don't know I almost want it gaudy.

I'd like the hookah to have a lot of character both in its base ( the frosted one at SS is a little boring) same with it being clear at MN but I believe they also have other colors. But I'd also like one that has a more interesting stem... maybe syrian or some such in style.

I'd almost like it to be a 36 due to the appearant preportion view of it. After all compared to other hookahs it looks a little top heavy.

So I thinke SS which I like the size of 34 but not so much the base.

and then theres MN which I like the look of the base but I believe is 32.

[img width=400 height=600][/img]

So, is there anyother sites I could look at that are both reputable and preferably fair priced, or can anyone recommend a specific hookah. I don't want to buy from my local hookah bar, the guys ok, but honestly its 3x or more expensive than online.

I know social smoke is pretty reputable for quality hookahs, but the frosted will get scratched and look dingy over time.
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