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Default Re: Quick Tangiers help

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
honestly i have NEVER had luck with erics method, just wasted a lot of tobacco and got a lot of burned flavors no matter what. i also found the phunnel is not the best thing to use for me, the vortex works a lot better.

the way i found that works best when packing tangiers is to load the bowl with out fluffing the tobacco but dont really pack it down either, just a touch if any. leave a gap, then i think i did go to the bottom with the holes but it has been a while since i smoked tangiers honestly so i cant remember how i ddi it on the vortex (wish i hadnt dropped it)

orange soda did give a bit more tickle and i think it was just the citrus part that gave that though but if you try different packing methods you will probably get rid of some of it. i usually use 3 ch nats to start it and once they die out i use 2 until the get smaller usually. just gota play with it, each person figures out their own packing methods and coal usage, just like with "normal" tobaccos, just tangiers is more temperamental

I will have to try this later.
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