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Default Hookah/shisha with celiac disease???

Hey guys, the other day my mom brought up a very important point. I still live at home and at first she was kind of worried about the hookah health-wise. I have convinced her that it's safe (or safe enough at least lol). Both of my parents being ex-smokers, they are very worried about me smoking, since i have smoked cigs in the past, and still smoke a pipe and cigars occasionally. But anyway, she brought up the fact that the shisha i am smoking could contain gluten...

I have a disease called celiac. You can google it for more info if you'd like, but basically, my body cannot tolerate gluten particles, which are found in wheat, barly, and rye. Needless to say, I am on a VERY strict diet. It is so severe that I cannot even eat food made in the same factory with wheat products or eat food cooked with the same pots/pans/utensils as gluten containing foods. Even the slightest amount could cause a flare up and make me sick.

So what I am asking: does anyone know if any ingrediants in the shisha could possibly have traces of wheat barly or rye. I know this is a random and obscure question, but hopefuly someone can give some input. I tried googling and doing some research, but I can't really find much. I know that most of the key ingredients SHOULD be ok, but i'm still not sure. The tobacco and molasses should be ok. What about the flavorings? what products are used to flavor the shisha? what other ingredients are used that could possibly be unsafe?

I know this might be a weird/difficult topic, but thanks for any responses! I would love to continue to enjoy my hookah and just want to make sure it is safe.
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