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Default Re: Hookah/shisha with celiac disease???

Mamba- Follow glostersa's advice and stick to the very traditional moassels. The thing you have to remember about anything manufactured/purchased in the Middle East, is that consistancy and quality control are not priority number one. Not even two, or three. I was born and raised in the ME, and buy thousands of dollars of goods from there monthly, and it is an issue we face daily. There's no FDA, no BBB, no CPA, you're pretty much on your own. I've seen this reflected on this very forum, when folks have wondered why a particular brand or flavor of moassel will vary from batch to batch. Not just a little variance, but the cut, chop, flavor, smell, juice, everything. And somehow this is expected, and tolerated. I really can't explain it, it's an Arab thing.
My point is, just because someone tells you, or experience shows you, a certain moassel is safe, and very well may be this time, does NOT mean it will be the next time. Be very cautious, my friend.
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