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Default Re: My failures with Nakhla..

I hated Nakhla the first time I tried it. I didn't force myself to like it but I just kept trying it over time, a bowl here and there and then I tried the Mizo line and I really like the Guava and the peach and the grape and they became regulars to me and when I wasn't smoking Mizo or any other shisha that I like I started throwing in a bowl of regular Nakhla every now and then and it just clicked and before I knew it the DA became a flavor I smoked often, then the sweet melon and the Fakhfakhina mixed fruit really turned me into a Nakhla smoker then I bought peach and Mango and Mandarin and I liked them too and now it's one of my favorite brands and at $7.00 for a 250g box it's the best deal around and now I got into Tangiers Lucid, never felt like trying to get into the regular line, too much work but with all the flavors Nakhla has it is a brand I never tire of. I still smoke my Starbuzz but not nearly as often. I will tell you once you are a Nakhla smoker you find a lot of other shishas just don't measure up to it in so many ways that you will only understand when you are a regular Nakhla smoker and understand what it really is as a tobacco compared to others.
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