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Originally Posted by guesswhoy0 View Post
i think it really depends on the climate around your area. if you live in a high humidity area, it will be a lot harder for you to get the flavor its suppose to be. although i will agree with the assessment stated earlier, lucid is the way to go if you dont want to deal with the hastle of acclimation.
see i thought that as well but it doesnt work in practice, i am in va and during the warmer months my humidity inside is about 55%, i acclimated some stuff for like 4 days with no luck, still just right, yet i get other flavors and they are good to go out of the package and dont really ever need any other acclimation.

if there really was the humidity shock in the tobacco it should happen in all the tobacco not just a few. ive even had fewer problems getting fresher tangiers cause ive been getting it through john when i order it so if anything there should be more humidity shock

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