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Default Culmination of Questions [Tangiers]

This is a list of questions I have about Tangiers and aspects of Tangiers. I put it in list form to be easy to read and for this thread to hopefully be used in the future by other newb's with the same questions I have. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers these questions, and anyone who add's a question of their own to the list.

1. Please explain acclimation, factors of good and bad acclimation, and what makes Tangiers so acclimation prone.
2. What is the difference between Lucid and regular Tangiers?
3. Why are people so drawn to Tangiers being as it has the whole acclimation problem?
4. What's the Buzz? (scale 1 to 10)
5. Why do people say it must be smoked in a phunnel or vortex?

That's it for now. I might as well say it myself and save someone the trouble.
"Que the elephant."
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