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Default Re: Culmination of Questions [Tangiers]

1. When you get the tobacco and it smells like soy sauce then you need to acclimate it. It gets rid of the smell and brings out the flavor. As to why it smells like that I have no idea...
2. Lucid for me is the only line that I will smoke because I ordered a good 1,250grams of the Noir line and it is unsmokeable to me...for some people smoking that line will close up your lungs is what it feels like because of the amount of nicotine. Lucid doesn't have as much nicotine and is the best smoke I have ever gotten.
3. Why are people so drawn to Tangiers being as it has the whole acclimation problem?
4. Buzz on the noir line is a huge 10!!! but i can't take big pulls cause it feels like it closes up my lungs. Lucid line doesn't really give me a buzz but then again DM doesn't give me a huge buzz.
5. It is one juicy mothereffer lol if you don't use something like a phunnel it will put a ton of juice down the stem of your hookah lol
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