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Default Re: Culmination of Questions [Tangiers]

1. The tobacco needs to stabalize and adapt to its new environment so it doesnt go into humidity shock. When the tobacco more or less smells like the flavor its suppose to be, its ready to be smoked. The proper way to acclimate the tobacco is to put it in wide shallow tupperware and and place that tupperware where you will be smoking untill its acclimation process is complete. While its acclimating, the tobacco should be stirred every hour so all the juices are exposed to the environment. After acclimation is completed, keep the tupperware sealed. Only time you'll really have to reacclimate is if there is a severe weather/humidity change.

2. Noir is the strong, potent stuff. Lucid is washed and the flavors arent as potent. Some flavors only work in the lucid line (i.e. chocolate cherry) and some only work in Noir line.

3. I dont know why others like tangiers, but i like it because of its taste and the duration of the tobacco. Also, it feels good to know that ive mastered packing such a "hard to work"(even though i find it not hard to work with at all) tobacco.

4. Lucid = no buzz for me. Noir = no buzz for me

5. Using a phunnel, the juices dont drip down. Yes it keeps the stem clean, but thats not its purpose. Its purpose is to keep the tobacco moist for a longer period of time which means you can smoke it for longer period while keeping flavor.

Go Noir or Go Home.
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