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Default Re: hookah hookah evollution tea-sha??

I don't have a problem per say with trying to make something like moasel without the use tobacco but I don't see the point. Truthfully I know of no evidence at all that would suggest that a mix tea leaves, glycerin & flavouring compounds are somehow safer to smoke then a mix of tobacco leaves, glycerin and flavouring compounds. As to this "tea-sha" stuff i've only tried a little and I can't really form much an opinion yet. Off hand i'd say what they are trying to do is create a product that doesn't have tobacco yet tastes like a typical, highly processed/washed type moassel and from what i've tasted they haven't gotten right yet. Basically the tastes are fairly fake/artificial and not the sort of thing i'd be interesting in. Still, I haven't tried much of the range yet so it could be wrong about the line as a whole. Also, I know a lot of people here enjoy stuff like SB and Fantasia so if you like the mod style sugary/chemical style products you may like "tea-sha".
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