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Default No Foil?

So on New Years eve, we had a little get together at my friends place. We set up the hookah in the storage shack next to the fire and everyone kind of took turns changing the bowl and taking of heat management- what have you.
Anywho, at some point in the night my friend left her brother alone with hookah and he took the foil off and put the coal directly on the shisha. The main problem I had with this is the only reason he did this was because he claimed it got bigger smoke clouds and that foil was like "child proofing" the hookah. His main objective was take big and constant hits, but it was only making the shisha burn out faster.(See Post by Hajo "Sensible Smoking for what i mean ) While he had the wrong reason for not using foil.. my question is... why would you not use foil? I had heard people talk of going without foil on more traditional shisha.. if i am not mistaken... but i don't see the benefit when you are smoking starbuzz..
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