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Default Re: name that shisha the game!!!!!

I have had Salloum Plain that was so old it was literally hard as a brick and was able to bring it back with this method.

You don't need water. You don't need molasses. It's already got molasses in it. That's why it's black. All you need is a bit of glycerine.
The reason it's all dry and hard is because the molasses in the moessel. Molasses is made of sugars. Over time, those sugars crystalize and that's what makes it all dry and hard. What you need to do is dissolve those crystals back into solution.

1. You need a ziploc style container.
2. Break up the shisha as much as possible and put the whole package into the container.
3. Start adding your vegetable glycerine a little at a time and mix it into the shisha until it just starts to look shiny when held up to a strong light.
This means everything is completely coated.
4. Put the top on the container and put it into the microwave on high for about a minute. What you are doing is letting the glycerine and the heat dissolve the sugars.
5. After letting it cool, hold it up to a strong light again. If it looks dull, repeat step three and add more glycerine a little at a time until it starts to look shiny.
6. Let it sit and cool off completely (a couple of hours to overnight) to make sure all the ingredients have had time to mingle completely.

When you're done, your shisha should be nice and sticky. Kind of like regular Nakhla.
It is now ready for your setup of choice.
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