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Originally Posted by boxerbabe84 View Post
I bought some Lucid orange soda and blue gumball just last week. The orange soda was pretty good IMO. It smelled good right out of the package. However, the blue gumball smelled horrible. I let it sit out for over 12 hours!!! Again, this was LUCID! I really think there are too many excuses as to why this tobacco does not smell good when it is opened. I see no need to let something "acclimate" for a week let alone over 12 hours. I just really feel that there is a such thing as a "BAD batch" from tangiers. If all other brands can have a bad batch once in a while, then why is tangiers above everything else I do not think there should be an excuse other than I just got a shit batch. No amount of time will make me want to smoke this. It just sucks to spend $16 and not be able to smoke the shisha. But it is my fault for continuing to buy it. I keep saying, "let me give it just one more shot." Well not again. I can not afford to waste money on shisha that is inconsistant. I will stick with my regular smokes such as Nakhla!

Sorry for the rant.
Sure Tangires may have a bad batch but it seems to be happening way more then it should.
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