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Default Re: Sahara Smoke Ruined my Christmas!!!

If I may just throw in my 2 cents here:

I think you have a valid claim with the base. Granted, your base does resemble the pictured one and it does look good, IMO, but you do have a valid claim. The vase should be like the one in the picture. Not exactly, but at least somewhat like it in terms of blue/white relationship.

I've never dealt with SSC but I don't think that this is worth writing them off. They order those bases just like we do and you can't expect them to check every single base and make sure it looks like the one in the picture.

It may have been a mistake on the company that delivered to SSC. Maybe the original maker of the base didn't use as much blue on accident... maybe they ran out of blue. You never know...
If that's the case, I think that SSC should announce that on here just to make sure that it wasn't actually their fault.

I also think that it wouldn't hurt for them to throw in a bowl or some tobacco when they ship your new vase.
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