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Default Re: Sahara Smoke Ruined my Christmas!!!

Originally Posted by DaSebsch View Post
It may have been a mistake on the company that delivered to SSC. Maybe the original maker of the base didn't use as much blue on accident... maybe they ran out of blue. You never know...
If that's the case, I think that SSC should announce that on here just to make sure that it wasn't actually their fault.
the way this color is applied is that a person assisting the gaffer (main person working the glass) bring a "bit" of color, either picked up and heated up or more than likely since it is production work just a bit of color that is gathered and brought over. the gaffer grabs the punty (metal rod used to gather glass) with a tool and touches the colored glass to one end of their piece. they then turn the piece and move the color down to spiral down.

to get an idea of how difficult this is take a paper towel tube and a marker, roll in across the table and try to make a spiral down it, not to bad, but now get 10 tubes spiral one, put it so you cant see it, do it again and again and again and see how exact you got it. now think if you have to do it very fast before the marker runs out, you cant hold the marker like normal, and you have to turn the tube from 18 inches back, o and you are 12 inches away for 1800* f and you hand is 6 inches away.

yes i agree the "handmade" excuse pisses the hell out of me but in production work you will have variation, and if you are paying so little then you cannot expect perfect work (that being said i dont think there is an excuse for the quality of the glass itself but color techniques will vary)