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Default Disassembling an Ager

So, this is my first hookah that I bought (with no prior knowledge) at a bazaar on my voyages. I bought it because I wanted a souvenir but when I arrived home I wanted to try it.
It was fun and soon I got addicted
So I started to learn about hookas and I realized that my hookah was a piece of junk but it still remains a beautiful souvenir
But the problem arose when I wanted to clean it.
The problem is that it has an aluminum stem (I believed that it was copper) and that got me wondering "If it is chinese made, can it be washed without any further complications?"

So, here's the stem. Partially disassembled.

The heart of the hookah is superglued to the stem so it can't be removed.
The bottom and top parts of the stem are threaded. The conical bowl holder screws on top and the bottom part of the stem is made of 4,7 inch long (threaded) copper tube.

Now, can you guys help me in figuring a way to clean it? I have read a lot of material on copper and aluminum rusting and I haven't done it before.
The main problem is the heart part of the hookah because it cannot be accessed.

Please help.

p.s. Sorry for the bad pictures. I was using the camera on my mobile phone.

p.s.s Of course, I'm on the market for a new hookah that is, preferably, made out of stainless steel. Any suggestions?

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