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i have the exact same 36" ring pear nefertiti i got from thehookah. its very well built and the peices on the stem spin, and are loose, so that the hookah is much more durable. the stem probably weighs 3-1/2, 4 pounds(doest sound like much but trust me this feels like a weapon)which is a normal weight for most KM's. the hose port is GINORMOUS!!! you kow, not big enough that it doesnt fit my little diam. normal hose, but is big enough to fit ANY hose's i have ever seen like my huge caravan. the smoke quality is great and the hookah is large enough to be a piece of furniture. the draw is hose dependent and the hole is big enough for no restriction if given a wide hose. personally i like the light restriction my caravan has. it is so so very shiny, its mezmerizing. the pear pieces are nice, exactly like tose swirly bowling balls. same material anyway.
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